about mike paredes

​My San Juan Sojourn
My father was a career US military man, and was stationed in Spain where I enjoyed a childhood surrounded by my extended family. I played on the ramparts of the Roman walled city of Avila, visited the Mosque of Cordoba, summered with my cousins in the ancestral village and met bullfighters and played with their children. I had an amazing childhood, and absolutely love history. (Can you imagine why?) 

Continuing the family's military tradition, I entered the US Army. After an intensive German language course, in Monterey, California, and related training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, I became a Military Intelligence officer. I served in Europe and South and Central America. 

I first was introduced to the magic of the San Juans by a stroke of luck when in 1989/90 I attended a New Year's party on San Juan Island at the home of my "Army buddy". At the party I met many interesting and fun people, and established friendships that remain today. The next morning I went for a long run to clear my head. By the time I returned to my friend's home, I had fallen in love with the island. As most here recognize, there is a special energy in the islands that is quite distinct, and at that moment, I knew that I had found my first "real" home. By April of that year, I bought five acres in the forest off Boyce Road and began to build my first home. 

As an active member of the community, I have served on several housing-related committees, been an assistant Scout Master, and often provide seniors with pro bono real estate valuation advice throughout the county. I am an avid sailor and have been active in the San Juan Island Yacht Club since 1993. 

I am consistently amazed by the ever-changing beauty of our islands and enjoy being a part of this vibrant community. There is also a cultural richness we enjoy on the islands, with galleries and community theater productions on Orca and San Juan Island along with the many Lopez Island open mic nights. I consider myself so blessed to live in the San Juans and enjoy a career that is based on constant exploration of this group of islands. I invite you to explore the wonders of our San Juan Islands communities and fall in love yourself.Mike ParedesCertified Residential Real Estate Appraiser#1700847