green building

Green building is here to stay. Structures that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout their entire life-cycle will be the future norm and not the exception. New construction will be designed to take full advantage of the latest efficiency technology,and many existing homes will be retrofitted to be more resource conscious.

Fortunately for us in the San Juans, we have some very fine architects, designers  and contractors well acquainted with the Green Building and Leed Home process as well as the latest technological “bells and whistles”.  Technology is rapidly approaching the statewhere your home will be able to regulate remotely the temperature, intuitively recycle waste, and direct the “cleaning bots” to clean the floors and perhaps even have the perfect martini waiting when you arrive home!

​The “Green Team” quite often consists of you (the homeowner), your architect/designer and your contractor.  The appraiser, unfortunately, is often forgotten during the planning process and is only called in during the refinance or sale process. As an initial member of the team, your appraiser is able to present you with a “market” perspective as to how some of those bells and whistles you might choose to include in your new home will be received: the appraiser can be your eyes and ears before your decisions become (literally!) etched in concrete.  Please keep in mind that many of the esoteric items you include in your dream home are there for your personal pleasure and enjoyment, regardless of the potential return on the investment.